Press Kit

Beingo, Inc.

code-free drag & drop, digital assistant plugin for web & mobile apps, it adapts your customer persona to automate natural interactions using simple human language.

Description: As customer interactions grow increasingly online, businesses are challenged to maintain engaging, consistent customer relationships. Beingo is the solution. A code-free digital assistant plugin for web & mobile apps, Beingo will transform & humanize your virtual interactions within minutes. Introducing the “Beingo Personality”, where Beingo matches your user persona to automate natural conversation and provide tailored, cognitive customer facing solutions. with a no-code drag & drop, plug & play builder, Beingo is super user-friendly. Simply select a template, or build a custom Beingo, and then embed it in your website or mobile app. Whether you have a small business a startup or a large enterprise, your business can deliver premium customer assistance with Beingo.