How to Build Your Business Website  Without Coding

Having a website for your business is essential. But, the hurdle of creating a website may be something out of your expertise. Rather than externally hire, it is possible to handle this goal yourself! 

While creating a modern website can seem like a challenging goal, there are some methods that can ensure your site’s success. Below are a few ways to start building or revamp your site without extensive coding skills. 

Start Building 

If you’re looking to just get started, there are some great resources, some of which even let you start for free. Their interfaces are intuitive to use and quick to start building for initial website designs. here are some of our picks:

  • Carrd– good to start building the landing page or a 1-page site
  • Weebly – great for e-commerce, starting off Google Advertising
  • Wix – many customization choices, more affordable price point 
  • Webflow – more advanced options and flexibility to do more

To start off, it is a lot easier to use an existing template or look towards templates to gather ideas and inspire your own design and style.

Templates with Hosting

There are a lot of great template sources to see what modern website designs look like. Some recommendations are listed here:

  • GoDaddy – great templates, but a more expensive hosting service, but gets access to premium content
  • XPRS IM Creator– completely customizable, marketed as playing with “digital Legos” as you can build most aspects of the site to your custom liking 

There are also options of templates of ideas to help fuel your creative drive in selecting a color palette, stylistic features, and more. For the actual functionality of your newly designed website, there are several tools that can be used to optimize the site.

Website Optimization Tools

With virtual assistants that can help provide start-up websites with strong customer interactions and customer service opportunities through consistent engagement and humanized computer interactions. Beingo is an example of this, where it’s possible to build a customized assistant to aid your new webpage without any coding knowledge but instead a drag & drop, plug & play builder with pre-built templates.

Above all else, one of the most important things to do when creating a website is to start somewhere. Even if the site starts out rudimentary, it’s possible to build up and improve in the future.

Comment any other sites you have had experience working with and any more ideas you have had!

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