Best Tools to Manage a Remote Team

The days of meeting in person are now artifacts of the past, as the concept of collaboration has adapted to the era of digital meetings. But this brings a new challenge: the task of managing a team remotely. With these tools, this new period of digital meetings can be aided.

1. Slack

Makes for one of the most immerse remote communication platforms on the market. Slack promotes creating a different channel for each of the different elements of business, so there are less confusion and working is more direct. You can tag team members in any of these channels, and share files separately in each window. This app allows for a lot of immersion between other apps, such as Zoom, Trello, Google Drive,  and other apps within the platform itself. This allows for people to work together easily as collaboration digitally and sharing digital files are built into the platform. Available on windows, mac, android, and iOS.

2. Trello

Trello is specifically designed for those who like staying organized. The app provides a visual to show the workflow for the various channels, giving each team member a perspective on the various aspects each member is working on. It’s also possible to have different boards for each team or even each project.

3. DropBox

Dropbox is an excellent platform for collaborating while keeping files and documents shared digitally and makes it easy to not only share but also collaborate on documents as well. It is also a highly secure and safe platform for businesses to rely on. Turning in documents is easy as well for your remote team.

4. Loom

This is a great screen recording application that allows anyone to give tutorials and demos of methods they want to talk about. Any combination of camera, microphone, and computer screen is accessible through this app, which means that it allows for business tutorials for internal or external use.

5. Beingo

This tool is a code-free digital assistant plugin for web & mobile applications that can bridge the gap between humans and technology. The “Beingo Personality,” where Beingo matches your user persona to automate natural conversation and provide tailored cognitive customer-facing solutions. With a no-code drag & drop, Beingo is super user-friendly. Simply select a template, or build a custom Beingo, and then embed it in your site/app.

6. Geekbot

This is a tool that is usable in conjunction with Slack. This allows for daily insights for what employees are working on and what blockers they are facing. This way a daily morning call can be avoided as well.

Comment any other applications or sites that have helped you in this shift towards digital collaboration!

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