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In the digital age, technology has become a quite essential element to life, and as younger individuals find themselves growing up on tech and looking towards it for channels to make an additional income. As we move through the second half of 2020, there are several trends we can look at to try and understand what businesses were successful. 

1. Online Coach

This has prevailed as a highly demanded necessity, especially online. Leverage your knowledge and teach it to others on the internet. Great way to solidify your own knowledge, through teaching, or simply practicing something you have a passion for.

Reach out to local Facebook groups, and start branching out to more groups from there. For academic and music lessons, especially, acquiring customers doesn’t tend to be a challenge, with demand for tutors and teachers often exceeding the supply. 

If you’re not interested in dealing with individuals, there are also several platforms to start with!

  • Udemy (Web, Android, iOS) for launching your first course
  • Skillshare (Web, Android, iOS) for teaching creative skills
  • Teachable (Web, iOS) for marketing your course

2. Website Designer

With the demand for online websites being constant, there is a huge demand for websites that are not only functional, but also incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Building this skillset can start with helping out family members or friends with their side business, expand out to smaller companies (in general start-ups without immersive web experiences) at competitive pricing. This allows your portfolio to expand, as your craft is more refined through experience.

While it is helpful to have coding knowledge in languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript and Java, it’s possible to design and build websites without immersive knowledge. Some examples of tools made to make website building accessible:

  • Template Stash – popular website templates to first start your page, or help inspire a re-design
  • Squarespace – custom building website through easy-to-manage and intuitive graphics
  • Beingo – virtual assistant, promote products, set appointments, process payments, etc.

 3. Graphic Designer

No matter what industry, businesses are frequently looking for designers for a variety of jobs. From designing promotional material (like posters, banners, and logs) to designing digital landing pages, there is a lot of different spaces for graphic designers.

You can pitch yourself to smaller businesses or join free-lance websites, such as, and other similar sites.

Even coming in with no experience, it is possible to learn the fundamentals from scratch. Adobe Illustrator is a powerful tool and useful for learning the basics of graphic design, especially in the YouTube age where everything is possible to learn online. 

 4. Local e-Commerce

Being able to source products that are in demand at significantly lower prices, it is possible to start a successful dropshipping business. The concept of dropshipping is sellers purchasing in bulk from suppliers (Business to Business transaction) and then supplying them to the end consumer (Business to Consumer).

There are a lot of guides to understand how dropshipping works, and even courses on However, with the digital age dictating the trajectory of trends it is suggested to recognize what is popular. Celebrities are often huge inspirations for trends, as well as popular fashion brands, and being able to source and sell cheaper alternatives can help allow for trends to be accessible.  

5. Online Advisor  

Social media’s role has grown tremendously, with there being a social media to suit every context. As customers look towards influencers for advice for purchases, there is a sense of responsibility for influencers, to show their followers the best product.  

It’s important to choose a specific niche, ranging from health, to sneakers to beauty to fashion to technology. This should be specific and something that you’re passionate about, so making posts and reaching an audience that is interested in the same topic will be willing to listen to your opinions and life-updates. With a healthy following, brands will automatically reach out to advertise their products and be willing to pay per post.  

These are just some examples of what has been successful so far in 2020 as a digital business. Don’t be afraid to add your own twist and personality to any of these ideas as adapting is the best way to find your niche.

Feel free to comment any more ideas you have had!

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